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Each cabin is unique and has their own aesthetic and amenities so please read through the descriptions before you book.
Lavender and Tin Poppy run on power generated by the sun, so they have all the amenities that you’re probably used to like wifi, hot running water, electric lights etc. Violet and Wild Rose are quiet glamping cabins with propane lights and appliances; we provide plenty of fresh clean water in 5 gallon jugs.
See below for more information.
Violet Cabin is a quiet hand built log cabin nestled in a pine grove between Lavender Cabin and Wild Rose Cabin. Violet has a wood-fired sauna and can sleep up to 5 guests.
Tin Poppy is a solar powered modern/retro screened-in post and beam structure built around a 32 foot 1953  Caravan. Poppy is 5 min walk from Violet Cabin and Wild Rose Cabin, and has a wood-fired sauna and can sleep up to 6 guests.
Wild Rose Cabin is located between the Poppy and Violet Cabin. She is a romantic cabin with a comfy king sized bed and a killer view.
She can sleep up to 4 guests.
The spacious solar powered Lavender Cabin can sleep 8 guests in beds, there are 2 double futons for extra guests bringing the total to 12 guests.
The Lavender Cabin is a 5 minute walk from Violet Cabin.


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