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Winter Information

  Located 25 minutes from Salmon BC.

We have 3 km of driveway that we keep plowed,  but 4WD is recommended in the winter months.

 Snowshoes and skis can be rented at John's Ski Shack. 


Wood gives off the most beautiful heat. Getting firewood takes a lot of energy...finding the dead (dry) tree, felling the tree, bucking the tree, splitting the rounds, moving the split the time all is said and done we touch those pieces of wood about 4-5 times...

The wood for heating the cabin is included in the rental price, please read up on how to start and maintain fires if you're not familiar with heating with wood. Be mindful of your wood consumption. If it gets too hot in the cabin don’t open windows or doors, but dampen the stove down to slow the burning of wood.

Campfire and sauna wood can be purchased for $5 an armload.

Tin Poppy Retreat
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