Frequently asked questions

Do the cabins have electricity?

Lavender Cabin - There is year-round electricity and running water.

Tin Poppy – There is electricity and running water.

Violet Cabin & Wild Rose Cabin - There is no electricity at these beauiful sister cabins, but there are propane lights, and newer propane appliances.

These cabins are supplied with loads of clean water for drinking and washing up

How are the Accommodations heated?

Lavender House, Violet Cabin & Wild Rose are heated with wood. We provide paper, kindling, wood and directions on how to start and maintain wood fires. The accommodations will be toasty warm upon arrival, but it's the guests responsability for the lighting and tending of fires after check in.

Tin Poppy is heated with a propane fireplace that is controlled by a thermostat.

What is your cancellation Policy?

Full refunds given for reservations cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival less a $50 CN processing fee.

There are no refunds for reservations cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival.

Do we need 4WD to get to Tin Poppy Retreat?

During the winter months (November-March) is an All-Wheel or 4WD vehicle recommended.

Do all of the accommodations have WIFI?

Lavender Cabin and Tin Poppy have WIFI

Violet Cabin & Wild Rose do not.

What is the bathroom situation at each accommodation?

Lavender House has 2 full bathrooms, an outdoor shower and outhouse.

Tin Poppy has a half bathroom inside the structure (toilet& sink) and there is a private outdoor shower steps from the main building.

Violet Cabin & Wild Rose Cabin have saunas and outhouses.

Which accommodations have saunas?

Lavender Cabin, Wild Rose and Violet Cabin all have wood fired saunas.

Where are the nearest stores?

South towards Grindrod - Farmer John’s at the bottom of Grandview Bench has a great selection of prepared meals, savory pies, cured meats and cheeses and veggies. Mayberry’s Store is a convenience store with snack and some prepared foods as well as a rural liquor outlet. Both are approximately 15 minutes away.

East towards Salmon Arm – Mellor’s Store is a convenience store, and also a rural liquor outlet. Approximately 15 minutes away.

What time is check in- check out?

Any time after 3pm check in and 10 am Check out.

What do we need to bring with us?

All of the linens are provided, as well as the basics like salt, pepper plus an assortment of teas. You will just need to bring your toiletries and food supplies. If you're staying in Violet Cabin or Tin Poppy during it's glamping season (November- March) a headlamp is a handy item to have.

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